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From crawling to running - Matchstiq turns ONE!

Today Matchstiq celebrates its first birthday!

At the outset, our mission was simple. How do we exponentially speed up finding a career you love?

Less old school networking that favours extroverts and wading through lifeless job descriptions, and more conversations with interesting people to learn why they love what they do and how they got there.

How do you give people career insight delivered with the ease of TikTok, combined with the professionalism of LinkedIn, or at least what LinkedIn once aspired to once be.

“'re a bunch of bloody legends and we appreciate you.”

Today is a small milestone and a chance to reflect. Most importantly, we really wanted to take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge all of the wonderful support we have received to this point, particularly the people that have candidly shared their career stories and insight for others to learn from.

A countless number of people in the New Zealand tech community have rallied behind our mission, as well as taken up the challenge of being more open about who they are, why they do and what they do and why they love it. This helps make a career in our most innovative industries more accessible to everyone.

To all of those people that have supported us over the past year, you're a bunch of bloody legends and we appreciate you.

“..give people the same insight you get from having a coffee with someone, but removing the burden and privilege..”

One key lesson we have learnt

Like most Kiwis, we haven't been very good at talking about ourselves.

Grand long-term ambitions aside, the countless emails and messages from strangers letting us know that Matchstiq played a key role in their own journey has been quite remarkable and unquestionably the fuel that has got us past the many stumbling blocks thus far.

Not surprisingly, with the hesitancy to talk about ourselves, we have also observed this same behaviour across the entire tech and startup ecosystem. 

This is one of the first things that needs to change if tech companies in Aotearoa are to play a role on the global stage. Perhaps it is simply developing a way of doing so that is in-line with our more reserved nature.

The old adage of “you can’t hit what you can’t see” could not be more true when we think about inspiring our best and brightest minds into the industry.

“you can’t hit what you can’t see”

So where to next?

From the get-go we have been obsessed with the notion of how to unlock the way people share knowledge and insight with others and how this can be done in a way that is accessible and not determined by chance encounters or good networking skills.

If identifying where you are best placed to work means learning from others that have walked the path before you, we think the same is true about learning new skills to help you grow. 

The magic will be in making that easy, as well as recognising the people that freely give their knowledge and time to others. We joke about a vision of if TikTok was to have a baby with LinkedIn, however if there is one thing we have learned, it will not be the features of how our objective is achieved, but more about that it is actually impacted.

We thank everyone again for their support to this point. We could not be more excited about significantly scaling up our efforts backed by our own technology over the coming months and we look forward to growing alongside the many others that share the same vision.

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