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The Matchstiq Top 100 of 2022

Finding the next “Xero” to work for is not always an easy task for job seekers, with a plethora of exciting, yet largely unknown startups popping up across the country every day.

The Matchstiq Top 100 makes it easy for job seekers to learn about New Zealand’s most promising startups and tech companies, based on their growth prospects, work culture and contribution to the broader ecosystem. 

To be considered for the list, the nominated companies needed to be New Zealand-owned and operated, and building an innovative product disrupting a global industry. One change from last year's list was a lesser focus on the larger and more established publicly listed entities, as the list is designed to raise the profile of the companies that you don’t often see in the media.  

The over 450 nominations were then voted on by a selection of top venture capital firms and investors operating in New Zealand, as well as ecosystem partners that have a broad view of the market.

Each contributor was given three criteria to assess each nominee, namely; growth potential, work culture and contribution to the broader talent ecosystem in New Zealand.

After each contributor had provided their votes, Matchstiq aggregated the results to create the final list.

We chose to keep the list in alphabetical order as opposed to providing the ranking order. Given the subjectivity in creating a list of this nature, we felt the data set would need to be significantly larger for the rankings to have any weight.

The hardest part of publishing this list is the long list of epic companies that did not make the final cut, many of which can still be found in Matchstiq's directory of companies.

 "New Zealand has an incredible array of innovative companies across almost every industry vertical you could think of, taking on the world and winning. The Matchstiq Top 100 was created to help high-quality local and international talent “zero-in” on the best companies to grow their career and create impact". (Greg Denton, Co-founder of Matchstiq).

Matchstiq is a tech talent marketplace aiming to remove the barriers and biases job seekers regularly run up against when searching for a new role. Our focus is on helping job seekers get a behind the scenes look into the companies before they apply, alongside an anonymous talent community to initiate conversations with hiring managers free from bias.

Our mission is to make finding the ultimate work environment less about who you know or what you look like, and more about the person most likely to thrive.

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