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Electric, hydro-foiling car ferries.

Seachange is creating electric-powered, hydrofoiling car ferries. 

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Seachange exists to help change the way we treat the sea by delivering clean energy hydrofoil transit options that will transform sea journeys across the globe. 

The Opportunity Ahead for Seachange

New Zealand has a rich history in developing high speed foiling yachts. The team at Seachange have recognised the advancements in composite materials and energy storage technologies, enabling them to design a new class of hydrofoil - fully electric, lightweight carbon, hydrofoiling ships.

Seachange's market opportunity is to take these sustainable, fast, and efficient ships to international shipping markets, proving that sea shipping can be better for both customers and the earth’s oceans. They are confident they will be the first company in the world to take an environmentally friendly and commercially viable hydrofoiling ship to market.

Diversity and Inclusion at Seachange

Diversity is a major focus Seachange understanding the benefits of having a diverse employee base can have on the business and its internal culture.

They use technology platforms such as Applied, a blind hiring software that removes bias and also write job ads to appeal to a diverse range of people.

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