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Eliminate the holes cybercriminals seek to exploit

RedShield is a cybersecurity company offering a web application shielding service. RedShield uses upstream security solutions (WAF/CDN) and a proprietary shield library to protect its customers.

The company's service shields websites and web applications, public and private APIs, portals, intranets, and extranets. RedShield expert services continually monitor attacks and optimise shields based on specific vulnerabilities. RedShield aims to deliver proven security operations, tools, and proprietary shielding micro-services that save their customers time, money, and ensure secure business operations.

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RedShield's mission is to improve the resiliency of our customers' applications and APIs, protecting their customers - and securing their success.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for RedShield

With virtually every business using web portals, mobile apps and APIs to grow and do business, they are critical to their success - and yet nearly every application has vulnerabilities, and the risk of exploitation continues to increase exponentially. RedShield’s technology stack provides multi-layered application security to protect applications and APIs from the world’s most sophisticated attacks.

With the global cybersecurity market estimated to be worth over $160b and growing steadily, RedShield is positioned well for continued global growth.

Diversity and Inclusion at RedShield

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