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Cropsy Technologies


Do you really know your vineyard?

Cropsy enables winegrowers to optimise the management of pests and diseases in their vineyards.

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Matchstiq's take on Cropsy Technologies

Cropsy’s mission is to help fruit growers unlock the true potential of their land with insights that were impossible before.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for Cropsy

The market opportunity for Cropsy is huge. With their business focused on selling insights to growers for high value fruit crops, they are playing in a space where the market for those insights is around  $5b.

Early in their journey ,they have managed to sign on the two largest winegrowers in NZ (who are also multinational) as their first customers and have their sights set on expanding to international vineyards and a wider variety of crops.

Diversity and Inclusion at Cropsy

Albeit a small team but growing team, they already have a strong and diverse mix of varying educations, cultures, and characters.

They have created an environment where people can be open, honest, and feel comfortable expressing a difference in opinion or approach. "An echo chamber isn’t helpful to fostering innovation, so I’d say diversity and inclusion are necessary to keep the Cropsy machine moving."

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