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Powering Meetings with Expertise

PlayBooks is the only Platform in the world that lets companies manage all their meetings and expertise in one place. PlayBooks uniquely combines personal, company and public knowledge-bases of expertise within a smart Meetings App.
Our growing team, located around New Zealand is super-connected collaborating all day to build a product our customers love to use. Passion breeds creativity and it’s ideas from our team and customers that form our pathway to success.
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PlayBooks mission is to bring the worlds best expertise into every meeting.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for PlayBooks

PlayBooks is trying to solve the pain and inefficiency of preparing for, running and following up on back to back meetings for professional advisors and other high frequency meeting organisers/participants. With approximately 10m professional advisors globally and a far greater number of business people who run lots of meetings, the market opportunity is significant.

They also help position products or service expertise via educational playbooks directly into a meetings on the topics being discussed opening them up the B2B e-commerce market as well. 

Diversity and Inclusion at PlayBooks

PlayBooks understands the importance of building a diverse team and although they have a small team at present, they view building a diverse team as a precursor to building a great business.

Over time time they are committed to always having a team that is diversely chosen and where full inclusion is just a natural part of how they roll.

Working with us


  • Radical Candor

    Robust discussions make the best decisions

  • Hustle

    Win or fail fast

  • We do Epic

    With vision, people and product

  • Kindness

    Respect and appreciation for customers, partners, team members and our community

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