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Empowering a change in finance

P^werFinance is rethinking finance and making it possible for a diverse range of local organisations to offer finance products that align with their brand and values including businesses, community groups, and fintechs.

Their technology takes a data-driven view of risk, allowing finance to be more equitable and cost-efficient while improving the overall experience. This modern technology allows us to co-create innovative financial products that integrate into a customer's overall brand experience.

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The mission of P^werFinance is to empower a change in finance to enable better value, better experiences and better outcomes for people, their families and their communities.

Our mission is to empower a change in finance to enable better value, better experiences and better outcomes for people, their families and their communities.

The market opportunity ahead for P^werFinance

Banking and finance today is not fair nor is it rational. Finance should be an enabler allowing people to borrow from their future selves, regardless of where they have come from. Along with this, traditional finance technology is complex and finance regulations are extensive and growing; there is a formidable wall of costs.

P^werFinance’s technology changes this landscape, enabling new financial products that are more aligned to a customer’s needs and values. It allows brands to access these products and capital and use them to build financial experiences without the associated development and compliance costs.

These businesses are then enabled to offer financial services within their existing products and to quickly and cost-effectively develop entirely new ones.

Why P^werFinance is a great place to work

At P^werFinance, we empower our people to be their best selves. To do this we have created an environment that fosters growth and equality. We invest in our people and operate on the premise of transparency with a heavy focus on wellbeing.

Asking, listening, learning: We value feedback and consistently use it to inform and improve the way we do things at P^werFinance. Some examples of what makes up our current culture include:

  • Relaxed structure and effective work practices: we do not have a strict hierarchy, instead we have a group of capable people working together to solve interesting problems. Leaders guide, support and enable the teams to use their life experiences and technical capability to pick the best path to follow.
  • Growth and development: We invest in our people to support growth through access to training and development from day one. We focus on the growth of strong constructive behaviours, boosting skills to enable high performance in current roles and always encourage our people to keep an eye on the future by supporting ongoing career development.
  • Information sharing: We encourage our people to learn from one another and every week one of our great minds will share their knowledge with the rest of the team.
  • Wellbeing allowance: this goes towards anything that helps keep our people active and healthy, both physically and mentally.

The list continues to grow, the more new people that join, the more we learn about the things that have made them who they are, things that have helped them succeed in previous roles and we find ways to create a version of many of these things, our goal has been to hire great people and let them bring all that they know to work to help make this place, their place!

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Senior Software Engineer


  • Join the team building the future of finance and fintech
  • Seeking 5+ years experience, be part of an evolving team in growth mode, flexibility offered
  • Inclusion, Courage, Integrity and Empowerment – the values we are driven by

Who is P^werFinance?

P^werFinance has a clear purpose, to empower a diverse range of communities and innovators to offer and access financial experiences that align with their customer needs and values. We are building a platform that enables businesses to create improved customer experiences. A close-knit team, who are highly passionate about changing finance!

The Role at P^werFinance

We are building the future of finance and fintech. Our Software Engineers are responsible for contributing to the design, development, and maintenance of the platform components. The technical team is experts in designing, developing, and maintaining products and we are looking for Senior Software Engineers with 5+ years experience to join the team.

Following are the technologies and techniques we use:

  • Expert level TypeScript/JavaScript skills
  • NoSQL Databases
  • React
  • Docker
  • OAuth 2
  • RESTful and GraphQL APIs
  • Web security and secure coding practices
  • DevOps practices and building CI/CD pipelines
  • Terraform (not mandatory)
  • Knowledge in cloud infrastructure (preferably Azure)
  • Solidity and Blockchain knowledge (Not mandatory but a definite plus)
  • Unit and end to end testing experience

You will get to work with every part of the product, from UI to building deployment pipelines and infrastructure.

A little about what we need for the role.

  • Capability in relevant programming languages.
  • Exposure to relevant frameworks, databases, tools, and testing frameworks.
  • Experience with cloud platforms - preferably Azure.
  • Mentor more junior developers and help to upskill them
  • Ability to deliver work without supervision or minimal supervision

You will work within a collaborative culture in a team and company that allows for a high degree of communication, trust, and productivity. We think what we have at P^werFinance is pretty special; our people are our priority and our list of extensive employee benefits are evidence of this.

We support growth, learning, and the opportunity for people to let their initiative, skills, and aspirations drive their careers forward. So, if you are looking to develop and progress naturally and keep learning, we will support you. If you are interested in hearing more about what we are building, hit apply today!

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