Segna automatically normalises and cleans your data

If you allow users to upload csv files through your app, you should be using Segna!

Segna is the best way for companies to import CSV files into their products. We save companies from having to write their own CSV file importer.

We use machine learning to clean and normalize the CSV’s which are more accurate and less brittle than a hard-coded importer.

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Snapshot of Segna

Segna's mission is automated data normalisation.

The market opportunity ahead for Segna

Currently, we're focusing on automating the normalisation of tabular data files like csv, xlsx, parquet, Google sheets, etc.

As we expand to automate all data formats, we'll apply our ML-first approach to data normalisation to forms of unstructured data like JSON files, databases, API requests, and converting rich text into structured data.

Why Segna is a great place to work

At Segna, we've accidentally filled all the criteria to be a "Silicon Valley" startup, but we do have our own twist on the stereotype:

  • Every full-timer gets a custom mechanical keyboard
  • Table tennis is a daily ritual
  • We love hiking
  • Everyone is a sci-fi fan but has very split opinions about anime (prepare for heat)
  • We go on weekly bouldering sessions with most of the company
  • If you like skiing, you'll be right at home
  • We're looking to improve the efficacy of our quiz night team
  • Eating challenges - need we say more?
  • The best variety of custom Slack reactions and memes that you'll ever witness
  • We have a Minecraft server

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