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Head of Growth at Narrative

From the chaotic world of Uber back into the equally chaotic world of a small startup, hear from Chelsea what Growth Marketing means in the context of her role at Narrative and how that translates into her day-to-day.

This "Ask Me Anything" career chat hosted by Matchstiq Co-founder Greg Denton, will delve into how Chelsea went from studying Communications at AUT to eventually landing her first role in tech, as the Regional Marketing Manager at Uber during their rapid expansion through Australasia.

We will also cover why she really loves what the team at Narrative are creating, both culture and product wise and anything else careers related the audience likes.

About the Speaker

Chelsea Andrews LinkedIn image

Chelsea Andrews

Chelsea, Head of Growth at Narrative had a baptism of fire start to her career in tech, working as Uber's Regional Marketing Manager through a period of hyper-growth.

She is excited to help any young people considering a career in tech, by sharing her own experience and answering any questions people might have.

AMA Recap

Career Insights

  • Startups can be addictive as the potential for growth can be limitless if the business is successful. Entering into a startup environment, you have the opportunity to grow quickly with the company. Often the starting point is less important, as you will have the opportunity to develop in areas that interest you if you show initiative. This could be going from Customer Support into Product, Operations into Marketing etc.
  • The vision of Narratives founders was a big part of why I took the job. This should apply across the startup landscape if you are looking for a place to start.
  • The “T shaped” marketer. In the early stages of your career, it is good to get a broad understanding of the breadth of what marketing encommpasses. As you acquire that knowledge, you will develop deeper knowledge on topics that interest you more or you see more opportunity to grow in.
  • Understanding how your field of discipline impacts other areas of the business is critical in an early stage tech startup, ie how Marketing affects Sales, how operations affects product and so forth.
  • Critics can be the greatest optimists. If you are critical of something in a work environment, hopefully that's because you want to make it better. The important part when delivering a critique is to form a place of caring for the person you are delivering it to. It is important that this is an established part of company culture for it to work effectively.

Job Seeker Tips

  • When deciding on what companies to focus your attention in your job search, create a list of companies that interest you and align with your values. Write down why they interest you and make a plan to network with people in those companies. You can also do this in reverse, crossing out companies that don’t line up with your value set.
  • Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to get started in your career. We have all had challenges getting started. If you show that you are hungry someone will give you an opportunity.

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