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Customer Implementation Lead at First AML

Not interested in following the herd of applying for corporate internships, Hamish tried his hand at a very early stage startup and has not looked back.

This "Ask Me Anything" career chat with Matchstiq Co-founder Greg Denton will explore how during his last semester of studying Commerce at AUT, Hamish responded to a job ad at First AML and was signed on as their first full-time employee and why he is relishing the problem solving environment of working for a high-growth startup.

With two promotions in two years and many more options to keep growing his career, Hamish is more than happy to recommend working for a startup to anyone that is hungry to work hard and do something different.

About the Speaker

hamish 1

Hamish Scarborough

Hamish started working for First AML in his final semester at University and was their first full-time hire. After completing a commerce degree at AUT, Hamish became interested in working for a startup.

The problem solving nature of working in a startup is what makes him excited about coming to work each day and seeing the direct impact of his work is rewarding.

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