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Hiring: Business Development Manager

The team at FundTap are on the hunt for a Business Development Manager to join their business. 

We will be hosting a live Q&A with Matt Peacey, Founder of FundTap about who the role might ideally suit. If you are curious about the role, you can register below for the Zoom details. 

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger? 
When little the dream was to be superman. Then batman. The dreams got more and more mundane as I got older - dolphin trainer, vet...
If money was of no consideration, how would you spend your time? 
I think I'd spend a good portion of my time just learning all sorts of crazy, interesting, or completely irrelevant stuff. I do love the governance roles.
Hopefully, I'd be useful helping to launch and steer projects and businesses that make a significant and long-term difference in people's lives.  I'd also do a lot of travelling!
What do you love about working in tech?
I love how it is all about problem solving.  It's sometimes frustrating, but always so rewarding when you eventually work out and land on a better, easier way than what was before. I love working with others who have this same mindset that anything is possible.

About the Speaker

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Matt Peacey

Mat Peacey is the Founder of FundTap. Matt loves small businesses and the incredibly talented people that put it all on the line to create, run and grown them. A scientist by training, Matt is all about problem solving and experimenting, all in the pursuit of finding the quickest, easiest and best solutions to keep businesses, but more importantly the people behind them, humming.

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