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Hiring: Chief Operating Officer (Auckland)

Sam and the team at Melodics are on the hunt for a Chief Operating officer to join their fast growing MusicTech business.

If you want to hear directly from Sam what the role entails, we will be hosting a live Q&A over Zoom.

Join us, Friday 23rd July @1pm. Registration below.

“If you make beats… Melodics is like going to the gym for a workout!” - DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Melodics was conceived by Sam Gribben, ex CEO of Serato, in the summer of 2014. Having finished up at Serato after a decade at the helm, Sam was ready for something new.

He’d worked with some of the biggest artists in the music world, and with the international companies who built the instruments & controllers they used. Along the way he noticed how important pad & cue point drumming was becoming in the overlapping worlds of DJing & production. Thus, an idea was born.

"Our product is shaping how the world learns to play musical instruments. We want to enrich our world with music and make it accessible for everyone. Melodics is entering a new phase. We’ve proven the core concept, and we’re switching gears from start up to scale up".

We're currently almost 40 people and looking to nearly double by 2022. Our three year strategy includes some big goals, and we need you!"


Getting to know Sam

What did you dream of becoming as a kid?

When I was little, I thought I should be a doctor, because I liked the idea of hearing “paging Doctor Gribben, please report to the operating room” over the hospital speakers.

When I got older, I decided I wanted to make robots, so I went to uni to do a double engineering degree. Electrical followed by mechanical. Sheeesh! One was hard enough! I scraped through electrical, but I’ve never been a real engineer.

If money was not a consideration, what would you spend your time doing?

I really love the early stage of start ups. I’d like to spend more time working with founders who are just getting going. It’s so hard, I wish there were more people to help my first time around. 

It’s really important for me to do something that has a positive impact on the world. Music brings joy to the world, and I really believe in NZ based tech start ups as a model for more sustainable growth for our country. But if money was no problem, I’d like to tackle something bigger, and it feels like EcoTech is a super important topic. 

About the Speaker

Sam Gribben Melodics profile

Sam Gribben

Sam is the founder and CEO of Melodics, as well as the former CEO of Serato. Melodics teaches people how to play MIDI pad controllers, electronic drum kits, and now keyboards. Melodics uses aspects of video gaming to teach the discipline of practice. Melodics makes practicing fun and productive in a few minutes a day.

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