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Hiring: Development Team Lead (Christchurch)

Chris and the team at Komodo are on the hunt for a Development Team Lead to join their fast growing startup.

The team at Matchstiq will be hosting a live Q&A on Zoom with Chris about the role, Tuesday September 7th at 10am. This session is open to anyone that might be curious about the role or working at Komodo. Register your interest below.

Getting to know Chris

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?

Professional football coach, as every English boy wants to work in professional football (which I actually did for a period of time before Komodo!)

If you were to be an animal, what would you be and why?

Meerkat, as they work in teams and are extremely social creatures which definitely resonates with my personality. But also they are very cheeky which I am as well haha!

How would people describe you as a boss?

Infectious energy that brings a smile to everyone and motivates us all to band together.

About the Speaker

Chris bacon profile

Chris Bacon

Chris is the CEO & Co-founder of the fast-growing student wellbeing platform Komodo, based in New Zealand. He founded Komodo off the back of his Postgraduate research at the University of Canterbury. Komodo is a wrap-around software solution that leverages data and insights gleaned from psychologist-built surveys to help schools identify at-risk students and mitigate the impact of common issues such as harassment, cyber bullying and depression at the onset, before developing into crises.

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