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Hiring: Integration Lead (Queenstown)

The team at Loaded in Queenstown are on the hunt for an Integrations Lead to join their team.

Matchstiq will be hosting Richard McLead, CEO and Founder of Loaded to learn more about the role and who it might best suit. Register below.

Snapshot of the role

  • Run point on technical relationships with Integration Partners
  • Work on solutions for simplifying Integrations and ensuring the Loaded platform is developed with the future in mind.
  • Security design for all external integrations
  • Advise on structure and personnel requirements for the Integration Team.

Incoming Integrations - Partners Integrating with us.

  • Plan process for documentation and publication of Loaded API’s.
  • Develop testing process for Integrations and lead this for third party completed integrations.
  • Lead the design of external-facing APIs.

Outgoing Integrations - Integrating our product with Partners.

  • Analysis of potential integrations and advise on complexity and risk.
  • Complete project plan of agreed in-house integrations and roll up the sleeves to implement.

Getting to know Richard

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?

I grew up ski racing and always hoped to get to the olympics. Software founder definitely wasn't a target in my teenage years.

When you are not building Loaded you will be found doing...

I've still got the skiing bug, so you'll ideally find me on a mountain with snow. Although these days i'll be chasing my kids around.

How would your employees describe you as a boss?

I can only hope they find me as a boss who challenges them to find new ways of being their best and spends most of his time trying to get out of their way so they can get to where they need to go as quickly as possible.

About the Speaker

Richard McLeod profile

Richard McLeod

Richard McLeod has had a wide and varied career. After purchasing a large student pub in Dunedin at the age of 21, he has gone on to build a nation-wide hospitality group, a significant commercial construction company and has spent five years leading a private investment company.

He has now returned to his hospitality roots, as co-founder and CEO of Loaded - a performance management platform for driving success in the Hospitality Industry.

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