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Hiring: Senior Front-End Developer

Glen and the team at PredictHQ are on the hunt for a Senior Front-End Developer to join their team.

If you are curious about the role or what it is like to work at PredictHQ, join us for an open conversation with their VP of Engineering, Glen Alexander, Tuesday 14th of September @ 11:30am NZT.

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Getting to know Glen

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?

I'd always wanted to be a pilot, but the airforce was reducing its fleet and the money needed to be a commercial jet pilot was ridiculous for a broke 15yr old (and in hindsight, a commercial pilot's job does not seem like fun!)

When you are not working you can be found...? 

Anything with a hint of danger, some physical discomfort and being out in the elements. Trail running, spear fishing, hunting, mountain biking, archery, climbing.. 

If money was of no consideration, how would you spend your time?
I'd love to sail the world, but I'd miss my dog too much!

About the Speaker

Glen Alexander PredictHQ

Glen Alexander

Glen is the VP of Engineering at PredictHQ, helping to build a world class team, a great company and an even better product. Glen's career has taken him all over the world and seen him work in the Health Care, Aviation and Intelligence sectors. He believes the most important part of any company are its people, and feels privileged to work for a company that truly lives its values and to lead such an incredible team.

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