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Hiring: Senior UX/UI Product Designer (Auckland)

The team at Kernel Wealth are on the hunt for a Senior UX/UI Product Designer to join their quickly expanding business. 

Matchstiq will be hosting a "Live Q&A" with the hiring manager, Armin Svoboda, Head of Digital to learn more about what the role entails, the current state of play for their business and who might ideally suit the role. Register below.

Getting to know Armin

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?

I always thought I would become an architect. I loved creating as a kid and generally had pencil in hand doodling, drawing, or designing something. Plenty of similarities and cross over to product and tech when it comes to designing and building beautiful digital experiences.

The team will vouch for the fact that I love a whiteboard and a brainstorm when the opportunity presents itself.

What would you do with your time if money was of no consequence?

Good question. I don't think it would be too far from my current realm of finance, tech, and Kernel. Although, I love the outdoors and running, so some more time to hit the trails or run some of the bigger events around the world would be a vibe. 

How would your employees describe you as a boss?

I put this one to Sam and he said, "Great chap who's passionate about building great products, best discussed over a flat white or craft beer!"

About the Speaker


Armin Svoboda

Armin is the Head of Digital at Kernel Wealth. He has over 10+ years’ experience in the creative and technology space and is passionate about assembling and motivating teams to transform ideas into world-class products, experiences, brands, and businesses. He has held positions in both agency and client-side roles and worked with some of New Zealand’s leading companies, including Fonterra, Rocketlab, Les Mills, EnviroWaste, Generate KiwiSaver, BNZ, IdeaHQ and Isobar to name a few.

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