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Co-Head of Engineering at Joyous

From struggling with imposter syndrome to turning that into a strength, Lisa has carved out a very impressive career at a young age.

This "Ask Me Anything" career chat hosted by Matchstiq Co-founder Greg Denton, will explore Lisa's journey into studying Computer Science at Waikato University, the challenges she went through early on in her career as a female engineer in a male dominated environment and why she has found her home working at Joyous.

About the Speaker

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Lisa Quayle

Lisa is the Co-Head of Engineering at the fast-growing Joyous.

AMA Recap

Career Insights

  • Lisa does not regret having worked in a more corporate environment straight out of university. It gave her the opportunity to work with legacy code that has been very useful in her understanding of building software from scratch.
  • Although a very reluctant public speaker, throughout her career, Lisa has made the decision to say yes to speaking opportunities, big or small, that have pushed her outside of her comfort zone and helped her become a more effective communicator.
  • She credits the development of her communication skills as a big factor in helping to propel her career forward and would encourage others to continue to work on them, regardless of the career path.

Job Seeking Tips

  • Soft communication skills are really important and something that she looks for when hiring developers. People need to be able to communicate their ideas in the context of how others in the business will understand them.
  • She will often use LinkedIn to vet people and their LinkedIn profiles can be a good way for her to get a feel for their written communication skills. One tip was to endorse or recommend others, as it at least shows how you can communicate in your own words.
  • When putting together a CV or cover letter, use specific examples of your involvement in the projects, so that the reader can get a clear understanding of the way you worked and contributed to a team. This again comes back to being able to demonstrate your communication skills.
  • Think about the format of the documents you put forward. You should never send your CV in an editable format.
  • Apply for jobs you may not necessarily want so that you can get interview practice.

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