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Treasury Manager at Xero

From large corporate to a company that lives their values, Tom shares his story of shifting into a more nimble work environment where culture and values is more than just a poorly designed poster that sits on the wall. 

This "Ask Me Anything" career chat hosted by Matchstiq Co-founder Greg Denton, will explore Tom's journey from working in the Financial Markets during the Global Financial Crisis at ANZ, to an OE in London that helped move him into the path of Treasury Management and now back in New Zealand applying his skills to one of our most impressive tech success stories, Xero. 

About the Speaker

Tom Robertson thumnail blog

Tom Robertson

Tom cut his teeth in the Financial Markets team at ANZ, helping to manage foreign currency and interest rate risk for corporates during the Global Financial Crisis. An OE to London led to a job at a listed FTSE 100 company, which perhaps taught Tom more about the culture he doesn't want more than anything else.

Now working as a Treasury Manager at Xero, Tom describes a work culture that has transformed that way he looks at work. His experience of how everyone lives and breathes the company values at Xero is refreshing to hear and he is happy to share his insight into his career journey to date.

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