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Live Q&A with Leaders

Danica Paki headshot 1

Q&A with Danica Paki, New Zealand CEO @ ArchiPro

Danica Paki

From aspiring professional dancer to leading one of Aotearoa's...

James Bayly SubQuery webinar thumbnail 720 472 px

Q&A with James Bayly, Head of Business Development @ SubQuery

James Bayly

The blockchain industry can be a polarising space, depending on where you...

Lisa Quayle Joyous Vimeo thumbnail 200 200 px 720 472 px

Q&A with Lisa Quayle, Co-Head of Engineering @ Joyous

Lisa Quayle

Returning to work after parental leave is a struggle for many people, and...

Jason Vella LawVu thumbnail

Q&A with Jason Vella, VP of Engineering @ LawVu

Jason Vella

We caught up with Jason Vella, VP of Engineering at LawVu to learn more...

Untitled design 10

Q&A with Audrey Cheng, CTO @ Imagr

Audrey Cheng

We caught up with Audrey Cheng, CTO at Imagr to learn more about her...

Russ Bennett GM of Plexure blog image

Interview with Russ Bennett, General Manager at Plexure

Russ Bennett

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Russ Bennett, General...

Untitled design 8

Q&A with Christina Bellis, COO @ CoGo

Christina Bellis

We recently had the great pleasure of having a deep-dive with Christina...

Untitled design 4

Co-Founder at Quantiful

Jamie Cormack

"We can't scale fast enough because we need more people.."

Tim Boyle Whip Arond

Co-Founder at Whip Around

Tim Boyle

We will be hosting an open chat with Tim Boyle, Co-Founder at Whip Around...

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