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Executive General Manager - Architecture & Integration at Xero

James Bergin

Transcription can be read here.

Vaughan Fergusson Thumbnail play button

Founder of Vend

Vaughan Fergusson

Coinciding the launch of the iPad in 2010, Vaughan foresaw the death of...

Will Chomley thumbnail play button

CEO & Founder of Imagr

William Chomley

Changing the way we buy groceries with incredible technology. Will began...

Jenene Cross thumbnail with Play

Founder of Powered by Flossie

Jenene Crossan

Changing the way people book hair and beauty appointments through a...

Bion thumbnail play button

CRO and Co-founder of First AML

Bion Behdin

Taking the headache out of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for clients, First...

James Broadbent thumbnail play button

CEO and Co-founder of Narrative

James Broadbent

Transforming the time professional photographers spend away from the lens...

Luke Camplbell Vxt Thumbnail 2

CEO and Co-founder of Vxt

Luke Campbell

Breathing life into the often archaic options for voicemail, Vxt aims to...

Tom Robertson thumnail blog

Treasury Manager at Xero

Tom Robertson

From large corporate to a company that lives their values, Tom shares his...

Julia Bower profile thumbnail

Technical Lead at 9Spokes

Julia Bower

Leaving London in the middle of a global pandemic, Julia managed to land a...

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