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victoria 002

Data Scientist at Dexibit

Victoria Alogna

From academia into solving real world problems with tech, Victoria shares...

Andy Bowie webinar thumnail

Founder at My Auto Shop

Andy Bowie

Glorified ski-bum to taxi-tapping hustler at Uber and now tech...

hamish 1

Customer Implementation Lead at First AML

Hamish Scarborough

Not interested in following the herd of applying for corporate...

Ollie Shaw profile image

Head of Product and Engineering and Co-founder at Jasper

Ollie Shaw

Hear about tech entrepreneur Ollie's transition from the digital agency...

Chelsea Andrews image

Head of Growth at Narrative

Chelsea Andrews

From the chaotic world of Uber back into the equally chaotic world of a...

Lisa Cunningham thumbnail image

Co-Head of Engineering at Joyous

Lisa Quayle

From struggling with imposter syndrome to turning that into a strength...

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