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Chelsea Aitken VXT v3

Chief Customer Officer at Vxt

Chelsea Aitken

Chelsea Aitken helps lead the sales and internal operations at Vxt, a...

Glen Alexander PredictHQ 1

Hiring: Senior Front-End Developer

Glen Alexander

Glen and the team at PredictHQ are on the hunt for a Senior Front-End...

Tom Wallace thumbnail v2

Hiring: VP of Customer

Tom Wallace

The team at Re-Leased are on the hunt for a VP of Customer to join their...

Tom Wallace thumbnail

Hiring: Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Wallace

The team at Re-Leased are on the hunt for a CRO to join their quickly...

Chris bacon profile

Hiring: Development Team Lead (Christchurch)

Chris Bacon

Chris and the team at Komodo are on the hunt for a Development Team Lead...

Luke Irving 1

Founder and CEO of Fingermark

Luke Irving

Founded in Auckland in 2005, Fingermark is an industry-leading digital...

Chantal Rocketspark

Hiring: Customer Service Specialist (Cambridge)

Chantal Gellert

The team at Rocketspark are on the hunt for exceptional Customer Service...

Liz Berryman Chnnl

Founder and CEO of Chnnl

Dr Elizabeth Berryman

After starting her career as a registered nurse, Elizabeth Berryman went...

Sam portrait v2

Hiring: Back-end Engineer

Sam Williams

Sam Williams, Head of Technology at Kernel is on the hunt for a Back-end...

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