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Full Stack Engineer - Machine Learning

About the role:

As part of our R-Vision team, you'll be working on our in-house product on the cutting edge of computer vision technology - where your role will be focused on backend programming, ML Ops, CI/CD pipelines.

We are currently on the lookout for talented, ambitious, intermediate/senior level backend engineers. You’ll be working on a cutting edge innovation stream of work that links up computer vision based technology and potentially other sensors with an amazingly fun and innovative product within the Health and Safety space!

On the daily, you'll be:

- Responsible for designing, developing and deploying vision systems that are either cloud based or embedded. Experience using various cloud vendors for large scale projects will come in handy.

- Collaborating and working closely with the rest of the team, especially the junior developers to knowledge share and help with upskilling.

- Proactively communicating progress during meetings, raising issues when appropriate and thoroughly documenting the approach taken along with results at every step of the project.

- Highly motivated and interested in staying up to date with the latest research in the field, attending meetups and conferences and sharing learnings and best practices with the rest of the team.




About you:

You'll ideally have a passion for ML/ AI space, with experience in as much of the following as possible:

- Excellent communication skills.

- Strong demonstrated skills in architecture of backend applications, ability to get involved in backend development from scratch enforcing best practice.

- 3+ years experience in Python

- You dig agile development and can show your experience with the whole software dev life-cycle. You’re a start-to-finish kinda kid.

- Experience with DL/ML cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, AWS, Tensorflow.

- A reasonable opinion to share recommendations and alternatives objectively. Plus, it helps when deciding where to go for lunch.

- You’re effective by nature - you like to move fast, you like prototyping, and you love validating and being thorough in all aspects of your day-to-day job.


- Ability to understand, implement and critique the latest research as well as a passion for staying on top of cutting edge innovations in the world of tech.



- Documentation and communication (in-person, email, slack, carrier pigeon if need be) doesn’t scare you.


Bonus skills


- Basic understanding of front-end dev: Angular 2+ or React JS or Vue JS



- Experience with Docker and Kubernetes




What matters to us?

Put people first - It's about the people, not the tech.

Push the boundaries - Who wants to do what's been done already?

Play the long game - We create sustainable solutions, not quick fixes.

Say it like it is - Life's too short for miscommunication.

Live for the RUSH - Nothing's more exciting than the rush of doing and discovering.


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