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Our mission is to help you find your ultimate company faster


The friend inside your next company

Imagine if you had a friend inside every company you were interested in working for?

Finding your best work environment would be a lot more straightforward.

Ultimately, the insight every job seeker wants to know is what is it really like to work somewhere, before going through the labour of applying.

The unfortunate reality is that the true insight most people want, which is hearing the real picture from current employees, is hidden behind gate-keepers, corporate speak and layers of screening processes often riddled with bias.

This not only makes the job search time consuming, but it significantly favours extroverts that can network their way into companies and get the real picture. More importantly, it disadvantages introverts and minorities that find traditional networking more of a challenge.

Our mission is to make finding the ultimate work environment less about who you know or what you look like, and more about the person most aligned to the role.

Join us, as Matchstiq becomes the friend on the inside that helps you find your future faster.

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