Live Q&A with Leaders

Career Q&A with Dean Anderson, Founder at Kernel

Dean Anderson

Q&A with Anna Rygiewicz, Tech Lead at First AML

Anna Rygiewicz

Q&A with Hanna Van der Giessen, Clinical & Medical Affairs Associate at HeartLab

Hanna Van der Giessen

Q&A with Whitney Steel, Marketing Automation Lead at Xero

Whitney Steel

Q&A with Elina Ashimbayeva, Co-founder of Storyo

Elina Ashimbayeva

Q&A with Danica Paki, New Zealand CEO @ ArchiPro

Danica Paki

Q&A with James Bayly, Head of Business Development @ SubQuery

James Bayly

Q&A with Lisa Quayle, Co-Head of Engineering @ Joyous

Lisa Quayle

Q&A with Jason Vella, VP of Engineering @ LawVu

Jason Vella

Q&A with Audrey Cheng, CTO @ Imagr

Audrey Cheng

Interview with Russ Bennett, General Manager at Plexure

Russ Bennett

Q&A with Christina Bellis, COO @ CoGo

Christina Bellis

Co-Founder at Quantiful

Jamie Cormack

Co-Founder at Whip Around

Tim Boyle

Lead Engineer at Multitudes

Emily Melhuish

Chief Customer Officer at Vxt

Chelsea Aitken

Founder and CEO of Fingermark

Luke Irving

Founder and CEO of Chnnl

Dr Elizabeth Berryman

Founder and CEO at Multitudes

Lauren Peate

VP of Engineering at Seachange

Adam Flynn

CEO at Serato

Young Ly

Founder and CEO at AskNicely

Aaron Ward

Founder and CEO of Animation Research

Sir Ian Taylor

Founder and CEO at Landlord Studio

Charles Chan

Founder and CEO at Emergency Q

Morris Pita

Founder and CEO at Jobloads

Co-founder and CTO at Dawn Aerospace

Stefan Powell

Founder and CEO at CoGo

Ben Gleisner

A day-in-the-life as Chief of Staff at Narrative

Kirstie Marsh

Co-founder and Co-CEO at Sharesies

Brooke Roberts

Founder and CEO of Halter

Craig Piggott

Co-CEO's at Joyous

Executive General Manager - Architecture & Integration at Xero

James Bergin

CEO and Co-founder of Narrative

James Broadbent

Founder of Vend

Vaughan Fergusson

CRO and Co-founder of First AML

Bion Behdin

Founder of Powered by Flossie

Jenene Crossan

CEO & Founder of Imagr

William Chomley

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