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Never think about tax again

Hnry was founded in 2016 with a mission to make self-employment simple, affordable and accessible for anyone, taking all the hassle and stress out of earning income independently.


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Hnry's mission is to make self-employment simple, affordable and accessible for anyone, taking all the hassle and stress out of earning income independently.

The market opportunity ahead for Hnry

Where we are today:
We are now the largest specialist accountancy in NZ and have become the fastest-growing tax agency in NZ. The majority of our customer base has come in the last 12 months as we have ramped up our targeted marketing efforts.

We also have helped facilitate over NZD$250m in payments to the government. Our great team has doubled in size in the past 6 months to almost 60 people to accommodate this growth. We also entered a new market in Australia in 2021 and in the past 18 months we have closed two rounds of capital raises with funds totalling over NZD$20m.

Our immediate focus:
Our current focus is to achieve aggressive growth in Australia, while continuing our investment in New Zealand.

In order to achieve this, we have started ramping sales and marketing activity in Australia, as well as investing in partnerships and finalising the configuration of the product for the local market.

In NZ, we are increasing marketing spend in digital and scaling the referral engine to capitalise on brand visibility. We are also growing the size of our employee base here, and in Australia to accommodate the rapid growth, and ensure that we are able to service our growing customer base.

The big prize ahead:
The global self-employed market is worth NZD$1.8bn today, growing at 50% each year. 2021 was declared the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ as significant numbers of individuals have left full-time employment, resulting in a significant increase in the sole trader segment around the world.

There are already over 400,000 New Zealanders whose primary income is from self-employed work. In 2021, government departments increased funding for sectors with a large proportion of sole traders, such as the ‘Arts and Culture Event Support Scheme’ which has been boosted by NZD$70 million.

We’ve also conducted and published our ‘Hnry Sole Trader Pulses’ in New Zealand (and Australia) to increase awareness of issues impacting sole traders, and to direct government attention towards this segment.

In Australia, there are 1.5 million sole traders, growing at ~50,000 per year making it the fastest growing economic segment and contributing over $90B per annum to Australia’s GDP. Government attention has recently shifted towards the sole trader segment after the difficulties experienced by these individuals after the COVID lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

Why is a great place to work

We are driven by a common purpose: At Hnry, the common thread of purpose that aligns us is that ‘We do what we do, because we like to help people. We get satisfaction from delighting our internal and external customers.’ Most staff have previously been self-employed, understand the problem domain first-hand, and are committed to helping others to avoid such challenges.

Everything we do as a business is about delivering value for customers, and we regularly engage with, and measure customer reaction towards planned work, to ensure we relentlessly focus on only delivering those things that our customers value.

We encourage diversity: We celebrate diversity of thought, wherein everyone’s opinions are weighted equally - allowing any member of the team to freely raise suggestions or improvements, or to challenge the status quo. We have built a culture of openness and honesty. This extends to being transparent with all team members about strategy, financials and data that underpins the business.

We strive for fairness: The pay parity approach at Hnry has fostered a diverse and inclusive culture and vastly strengthened alignment across the organisation. This is a policy whereby regardless of what part of the business a staff member operates in, they are remunerated the same as their peers across the business.

Supported by a very clear capability matrix to guide personal development for staff, this has prevented gender- and capability pay gaps across the company.

We are Agile & Responsive: We’re a cross-functional team with a broad set of skills covering technology, operations, finance, marketing and strategy. Our culture is built on agile principles, constantly adapting internal processes and culture to be most effective. We’ve created a culture of understanding between disciplines, ensuring a single high-performing team, focused and committed to achieving the best results for our customers, and our business.

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  • We're lifelong learners

    We’re all open to learning from others, and growing our skills. No-one is the finished product.

  • We win and lose as a team

    Whether they’re big or small wins, we celebrate all our wins as a team. There’s no room for lone rangers or egos at Hnry.

  • We're all grown-ups here

    We are all high-performing, self-sufficient individuals. We trust each other and respect each other's contributions.

  • We don't take ourselves too seriously

    We enjoy working together and we like to have fun as a team. We work hard and we go home on time.

  • We strive for fairness and we do the right thing

    We do what we do, because we like to help people. We get satisfaction from delighting our internal and external customers.


Senior Product Designer

Hnry is looking for an experienced Product Designer to expand on our existing in-house capabilities, taking responsibility for delivering excellent experiences for all users of the Hnry app.

In this role, you will work closely with the Head of Product and the wider Leadership Team to help implement and maintain design best practices that will enable Hnry to continue to grow in both Australia and New Zealand.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing exceptional products from start to finish, participating in all phases of design, from definition to development and optimisation.
  • Iterating actively with prototypes at all levels of design fidelity, informed by user research, market trends, and business goals.
  • Identifying opportunities for product enhancements and analyse how they tie in with market needs and consumer preferences
  • Defining and contributing to research initiatives (usability tests, surveys, interviews, and so on) alongside the wider Hnry team
  • Engaging users and observing user behaviours to determine the most appropriate patterns and interfaces to use
  • Serving as a mentor for the wider Product team - you will be exceptional at bringing others along the journey with you.
  • Working directly with our internal engineering team to deliver improved experiences in to the Hnry app, using beta testing, user trials and usage data to inform incremental delivery of those experiences
  • Seeking out innovative ways of solving users' problems - working directly with them to understand their challenges, and provide best-fit solutions
  • Maintaining the consistency of brand identity, visual styles and patterns across the Hnry product
  • Collaborating with the wider Hnry team to deliver memorable and valuable experiences for Hnry customers, ensuring the product caters for the broadest range of user types and capabilities

How we work

  • We are a fast-moving, highly collaborative and motivated team, that is growing quickly
  • We have a relentless focus on the customer, and on delivering great experiences to ensure we maintain our high rate of customer referrals
  • We take a data-driven approach to everything we do, making decisions based on user behaviour - constantly tweaking and optimising to improve.
  • We follow agile practices, delivering improvements iteratively in small chunks. We track the impact of our work and measure ourselves based on delivering measurable contributions towards agreed targets.
  • We encourage experimentation - whether that's experimenting with new tools or techniques, or experimenting with new channels
  • We invest in our people, and provide opportunities for career growth and progression
  • We work hard and we finish on time, no crazy hours.

About you

You will:

  • Have 6+ years of relevant design experience, preferably working in fast-paced environments
  • Have experience with multiple wireframing and prototyping tools, such as Figma, InVision, Adobe XD or Sketch
  • Have a passion for pragmatic user-centric design, delivering engaging experiences for both novice and advanced users alike
  • Be comfortable to clearly articulate a product vision and work incrementally to deliver on that vision
  • Be able to design mobile-first, creating mobile experiences that also scale up and translate well onto a responsive desktop interface
  • Have prior experience in data-led decision making, and the ability to identify the key metrics that indicate the success of particular designs
  • Have a keen eye for detail, particularly when it comes to UI design patterns. High scores on Can't Unsee are a must! 
  • Be well-organised and able to manage & prioritise several initiatives concurrently
  • Be able to bring your own ideas to the table, be driven and motivated to hit goals, and have the skills to make those ideas a reality
  • Have excellent written communication and collaboration skills — we work together and succeed as a team

Bonus points for the following:

  • Experience working in highly agile and responsive environments
  • Experience in collaborating directly with engineering teams to deliver the right outcomes
  • Experience being self-employed (freelancing, contracting etc) in any industry/profession

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