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Digital and online ordering system

Your brand. Your data. Our technology. Creating a digital experience that’s as easy as opening the fridge.

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Matchstiq's take on MOBI

MOBI's mission is to help restaurants take back the power and become even more successful by growing their sales and brands with digital ordering systems and in-store kiosks.

The Opportunity Ahead for MOBI

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across all industries and the hospitality industry is no different. Pre-pandemic, CEO Tarik Mallet used to say, "we are  building the boat for when the wave arrives." The wave has arrived. When businesses are in lockdown, MOBI supports curb-side pick up and delivery. When businesses open, MOBI supports in store QR table ordering and kiosks. 

MOBI has experienced over 200% revenue growth last year and has doubled the team in the last 5 months to 100 people.

Diversity and Inclusion at MOBI

MOBI's values diverse opinions to get the best solutions. This includes a human centred approach to understanding employees, their needs, wants and challenges.

They are taking steps to help increase gender diversity in tech, which include:

  • Sponsoring Victoria University of Wellington Women in Technology.
  • They have a MOBI community, 'Women who launch', focused on inclusion.
  • Proactively host events on Ada Lovelace Day for Women in Tech as well as Wahine in Tech meet ups.

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