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My Auto Shop


Trusted mechanics at the tap of a button

We're My Auto Shop. We're a marketplace for mechanics with over 300+ mechanics around NZ & a unique pricing algorithm. We also have our own fleet of Remote Technicians, powered by our unique apps, bringing repair to customers' doorsteps.

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My Auto Shop's mission is to make the future of car repair accessible to every Kiwi & every car.

The market opportunity ahead for My Auto Shop

The auto industry is changing, fast. As are customer behaviours. We are driven to make the future of car repair accessible to all Kiwis, no matter what car they're driving. Being a $4bn industry in NZ alone, the opportunity is immense even as a hyper-local business.

Why My Auto Shop is a great place to work

At My Auto Shop we have a beautiful bend of tech & real hands-on industry. Our tech office is located on a mezzanine above a workshop. Our engineers work directly with our technicians and our marketplace partner-garage getting real feedback on the product. With the industry being so archaic, we have a fun playground to build.


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