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Beautifully simple websites

Rocketspark is a website platform that puts designers and their clients in control - Helping clients design beautiful websites fast. Beautiful design, beautifully fast means designers can dedicate more of their time to creativity and brand design.

Rocketspark goes above and beyond to help its customers succeed with their world-class support team ready to help at any time.

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Rocketspark exists to create a better life for small business owners, our partners, the Rocketspark team, and the world around us through beautifully simple software, services, and a passion to go above and beyond for people.

The market opportunity ahead for Rocketspark

Rocketspark is building great momentum with graphic designers, marketers and virtual assistants using Rocketspark to create websites for their clients. These people love the ease of use of the software and the speed with which they can create beautiful websites.

They also recognise that our customer success team are world-class and spread the word about Rocketspark. Most new design partners come from word of mouth referrals but with the help of NZTE we're learning how to ramp up our sales and marketing efforts.

Why Rocketspark is a great place to work

Helping small businesses and not-for-profits develop a great online presence through our software, provides a great sense of purpose. As part of a small motivated team, we all have the opportunity to make a difference. Many of our team have been with us for a long time and we love to create opportunities for the team to develop.

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More about us

Rocketspark started in New Zealand 12 years ago and now they have thousands of customers in over 30 countries. Rocketspark exists to create a better life for small business owners, their partners, the Rocketspark team, and the world around them through their beautifully simple software, great customer service, and a passion to go above and beyond for people.

The most recent example of living this purpose for them was offering over 500 free website subscriptions to their design partner community to pass on to not-for-profit organisations in their communities from all over New Zealand, Australia & the UK.

Working with us


  • Beautiful

    We value great design through everything we do

  • Honest

    We’re honest in the way we talk with customers and each other

  • Do Good

    We use our skills and tools to make the world a better place

  • Long term view

    We won’t compromise our values for short term opportunities

  • Groundbreaking

    We’ll be famous for new innovations for small businesses

  • Simplicity

    Interacting with our software, people and processes is simple


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