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Our story began in 2012. Apps were on the rise, and we saw an appetite for digital technologies among SMBs. We want all business owners to have a powerful, competitive edge — and harness their data in a meaningful way.

So, we set about building a solution to unify the nine key 'spokes' of business — money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, information, productivity, and industry — to fully support small business growth and success.

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Snapshot of 9Spokes

9Spokes' mission is to give SMBs access to vital customised and timely business data — beyond just the financials —providing the insights needed to improve visibility and reduce risk.

The market opportunity ahead for 9Spokes

9Spokes’ aim is to build a digital future to help businesses develop data-driven solutions. Our project aims to figure out what the SMB needs – from banking products to customer solutions – so the process is more efficient.

As open banking disrupts the global banking and financial services sector, 9Spokes enables customers to connect multiple accounts, delivering additional value to businesses while providing data back to the bank about where else their customers may be banking.

Following this industry trend, 9Spokes' initial focus has been on the accounting vertical since finance and capital generation are the lifeline for any business.

Why 9Spokes is a great place to work

9Spokes' believes that diversity within the organization opens new horizons and is vital for the company’s growth. 9Spokes acknowledges and appreciates the uniqueness that each employee contributes. A global range of skills, experiences, religious and cultural beliefs are incorporated into the company through offices in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and North America.

The unique policies that the company thrives on include:

  • Parental Policy
  • Flexible Working Hour Policy
  • Family Violence Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Human Resource Security Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Annual Leave Policy
  • Clean Desk Policy, and
  • Diversity Policy

The company strongly believes in work-life balance, and hence 9Spokes offers flexible working hours, conducts catch-up sessions, and promotes open conversations within the business. Employees receive health benefits and a long-term incentive plan.

On the work front, the company endeavours to standardise the operational services to help the team focus relentlessly on core, strategic areas. This has helped to provide clients with effective solutions, retain the workforce, and attract talent that thrives on delivering time-driven solutions.

9Spokes has laid a strong foundation that supports successful digital transformation; a paradigm shift that harnesses the power of technology to revolutionise business and digital engagement. The aim is to achieve prominent KPIs - productivity, resilience, sustainability, and well-being outcomes.

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