Innovative Medical Technology Company

Artrya is an applied artificial intelligence healthcare company that works alongside clinicians to improve the diagnosis of coronary heart disease and develop a holistic overview of a patient at risk.

We are working on deep learning algorithms enabling the prediction and prevention of acute coronary events.

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Series A

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  • Innovation

    Artryans innovate We create new ideas to benefit humanity We create world-class solutions to hard problems We challenge prevailing thought and develop new ideas We are agile, keep things simple and thrive on change

  • Curiosity

    Artryans are curious We want to learn rapidly We actively contribute We make connections others miss We seek to understand our customers' needs and help them better serve their patients

  • Excellence

    Artryans deliver quality We hold ourselves to high standards in all we do We inspire others with the quality of our work We care intensely about our clients, their patients and delivering success We are optimistic and confident

  • Integrity

    Artryans respect all We respect others and are true to our word We question actions that are inconsistent with our values We are known for our candor, authenticity, transparency and humility We admit our mistakes freely and openly

  • Delivery

    Artryans meet commitments We focus on getting stuff done We meet commitments, no matter how minor they seem We believe our behavior says far more than our words We work to make our colleagues better

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