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Athena is here to transform home loans, removing the mortgage handcuffs, and arm home owners with what they need to save themselves. We’re talking helping you make serious savings in time, money and stress.

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Snapshot of Athena

At Athena, our mission is to disrupt the traditional home loan industry in Australia. We're here to liberate borrowers from the clutches of big banks, eliminating unnecessary costs, fees, and complications, and passing on the savings to our customers. Our goal is to empower Aussies to achieve financial freedom faster, making life's biggest investment more manageable and enjoyable.

What is the market opportunity ahead for Athena

The market opportunity ahead for Athena is enormous. With the Australian home loan industry dominated by big banks that often burden borrowers with high costs and impersonal treatment, there's a growing demand for a customer-centric alternative.

We've found a way to revolutionise the home loan experience by providing transparent, cost-effective solutions. As we continue to expand and innovate, we aim to capture a significant share of the market while helping more Australians break free from their mortgage.

Why is Athena a great place to work

Athena isn't just a company; it's a movement. We're on a mission to transform the home loan landscape, and that passion drives us every day. Our culture is one of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment.

We celebrate our own achievements, just as we do with our customers. Joining the Athena team means you get to be a part of a dedicated collective working to rewrite the future stories of Australians. Plus, we've been recognized with industry awards for excellence, so you'll be part of a winning team making a real impact in the fintech world.

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