Programming Plants With Light

BioLumic is an agricultural biotech company that programs plants with light to unlock growth, quality and disease-resistance.

The company's Light Signal Recipe platform combines biological insights and genetic marker knowledge to mediate genetic expression with a one-time application of light signals. These treatments are scalable and require no chemical application, genetic modification, facility expansion or large input costs.

Palmerston North
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Snapshot of BioLumic

BioLumic programs plants with light to sustainably boost global crop productivity.

The market opportunity ahead for BioLumic

This year BioLumic is in-market with overseas customers, signing significant agreements with strategic partners, and working on some exciting new crops! We are increasing our focus on the data science space, as our platform technology gathers rapid traction.

Why BioLumic is a great place to work

At BioLumic we care about our team as much as we care about our mission. We believe it is possible to build a world-changing technology, and be kind to each other while we do it.

Our culture relies on supportive collaboration, and being unafraid of being the only company in the world that does what we do. So many team members tell us that BioLumic is the most exciting company they have ever worked for!

Working with us


  • High Expectations

    We are comfortable with setting high expectations for ourselves.

  • Supportive Collaboration

    We back each other in difficult moments.

  • Mission Critical

    We agree that we are here because we want our company to succeed in its mission.

  • Kindness

    We always operate in circles of safety.

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