The Most Advanced Solution For Property Maintenance.

Bricks and Agent connects property managers with their tenants, owners and trades in an AI powered platform to remove the manual and mundane, whilst significantly reducing the maintenance touch points.

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Working with us


  • Passion and Enthusiasm

    We are passionate in trying to make the lives of property managers better by removing the manual and mundane from their extremely busy days.

  • All have a voice

    The reason we have the best platform on the market is because our team and clients are invited to have a seat at the table to make the platform better for all. We listen beacuse we care and want to build greatness.

  • Transparency

    We are an open book, we are honest and open with our clients and if we make mistakes we aim to fix them as soon as possible. We are not scared to try things that may not work out, but we will tell you when they don't.

  • Technology

    Technology and innovation is at the core of what we do. We invest heavily in our technology, so the evolution of the platform is unmatched by others. We love to delight customers.

  • Smile

    We strive to bring a smile to the faces of our team and clients where ver possible. Life is short - smile :-)

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