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Equity should be a piece of cake.

Equity for today's most successful global startups.

Retain your best talent through best-practice equity plans, wherever in the world they are. Get built in legal agreements, vesting and communications. Motivate your team, fast.

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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Cake Equity

Cake accelerates your startup team’s motivation through ownership and liquidity

The market opportunity ahead for Cake

Continue to expand in the US, followed by Europe and South East Asia. Become a profitable business. Expand into new markets. Continue to help more startups accelerate their business by motivating their teams with equity ownership.

Why Cake is a great place to work

We have a diverse team of people that are very active in nature. Our health and family are a high priority for us. We share our values and company culture actively with our community of likeminded startup entrepreneurs, through our events like Surf and Yoga.

Working with us


  • Thoughtful growth

    We are here to build a big meaningful positive impact in the world with a diverse team through consistent and sustainable

  • Creating great experiences

    We celebrate playfulness together and with our community

  • Purpose

    We are ambitious and purpose driven people where everything we do has a strong meaning to us

  • Creative healthy lifestyle

    Our framework and philosophy to live a fully life and perform optimally

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