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Series E

The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Canva

At Canva, our mission is twofold: to become one of the most valuable companies globally and to do the most good we can. With nearly 30% of our founders' equity donated to the Canva Foundation, we're committed to being a force for good in everything we do.

The market opportunity ahead for Canva

The market opportunity ahead for Canva is boundless. As we strive to become one of the world's most valuable companies, we empower millions to create, innovate, and communicate visually. With a focus on making complex things simple and setting crazy big goals, Canva is positioned to lead the way in visual communication technology.

Why Canva is a great place to work

Canva is not just a workplace; it's a place where you can be yourself, grow, and make a difference. We foster a culture of respect, kindness, and empowerment, where you're encouraged to pursue excellence, empower others, and be a force for good. It's a place where you can thrive both professionally and personally.

Working with us


  • Make complex things simple

    Always aiming for the most simple, pragmatic and effective solution to any problem. Think of the user.

  • Set crazy big goals and make them happen

    Set ambitious goals, prioritise, hustle to execute and celebrate success!

  • Be a force for good

    Making the world. better place through positive actions, inclusion and diversity

  • Empower others

    Empowering others to achieve their goals, both globally and within Canva.

  • Pursue excellence

    Maintain high bar for ourselves and the people we work with. Continuous growth and development. Lead by example.

  • Be a good human

    Valuing good communication. Being open, honest and constructive: individually, within your team, across the company, and externally.

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