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Clipchamp is the online video editor that empowers anyone to tell stories worth sharing. Our in-browser platform gives users access to professional video editing tools and features from simple cropping and resizing to special effects like transitions, motion titles, and even Green Screen. Also on offer – an 800 thousand asset strong stock library and hundreds of editable video templates.

We’re a platform built for everyday editors. Video is the new normal when it comes to online communication – tasks once performed by video professionals are now the duty of creators, small business owners, teachers, you name it. Our easy-to-use tools and features are built for them.

We launched in 2014, and have been working towards our goal of revolutionising video editing ever since. Today, Clipchamp is used by over 17 million everyday editors across the world. Our team continues to innovate by developing exciting new tools, features and support systems for our users.

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