Best practice procurement. Simplified.

Cotiss is the world's easiest to use, end-to-end procurement software for small to medium procurement teams. We instil guided, best practice processes into organisations through an easy to implement, integrated, single solution.

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Snapshot of Cotiss

A world where anyone, anywhere can effortlessly unlock the power of procurement for their organisation.

The market opportunity ahead for Cotiss

We are onboarding our first paying customers and expanding into new markets across ANZ as well as engaging with early users in North America.

Why Cotiss is a great place to work

By streamlining the procurement process, we can ensure that public & private resources are being used efficiently & fairly.

It ensures funds are distributed more effectively and in a more equitable manner, creating broader socio-economic outcomes.

Overall, improving procurement is a necessary step towards building a better future for all.

We know it all starts with our team.

We hire for talent & skill - but most importantly, attitude.

We want people who are fearless, adaptable and genuinely strive to make a difference.

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