Real-Time Flood Intelligence

FloodMapp is a world-first flood modelling solution purpose built for impact based flood forecasting and emergency management.

Aimed at improving safety and preventing damage, FloodMapp provides highly accurate, real-time, property-level and dynamic flood inundation and depth insights for businesses exposed to flooding.

This kind of data provides unrivaled situational awareness to inform decision making, during and after a flood event

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Snapshot of FloodMapp

At FloodMapp, our mission is to leverage cutting-edge flood modelling technology, powered by big data, automation, and machine learning, to save lives and minimise the devastating impacts of flooding. We're dedicated to creating a safer future by providing real-time flood intelligence and empowering communities to prepare, respond, and recover effectively.

The market opportunity ahead for FloodMapp

FloodMapp is at the forefront of addressing the increasing global challenge of flooding due to climate change. With $10 million in venture funding and $1 million in grant funding, we're well-positioned to tap into the expanding market for flood intelligence solutions.

Our technology, which combines meteorological, gauge, sensor, and terrain data, offers unrivaled situational awareness from street level to national views. As flooding events become more frequent and severe, FloodMapp's innovative approach provides essential tools for emergency management, making us a key player in this vital sector.

Why FloodMapp is a Great Place to Work

FloodMapp isn't just a tech company; it's a place where innovation thrives, and our work directly contributes to the well-being of communities around the world. We value innovation, effective communication, integrity, and empathy.

Our exceptional team is at the heart of our mission to help people, improve safety, and prevent damage. We celebrate important moments in our team's lives, prioritize employee wellness, offer birthday and reboot leave, provide healthy snacks, and support eco-friendly commuting. Joining FloodMapp means being part of a dynamic and mission-driven team that's dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by addressing one of its most pressing challenges.

Working with us


  • Innovation for Growth

    We are here to push boundaries and create meaningful change. We approach all problems with innovation. We foster collaborative commercial partnerships. We grow our business to grow our impact.

  • Integrity & Accountability

    We are accountable and honest. Everything we do is tested by asking, will this create a safer future for those at risk, or impacted by flooding? We are reliable, hard workers. We take full ownership for our work and can be trusted to deliver. You can count on us.

  • Communication

    Communication is at the core of what we do. With effective and visual communication, we are helping those impacted by flooding respond and mitigate risk to life or property. Communication should be inclusive and understood by everyone, always.

  • People & Empathy

    The world's hardest problems require the best people. Our people are exceptional. The core mission at FloodMapp is to help people, by improving safety and preventing damage. We are approachable and compassionate. We treat our staff, partners and customers with respect and empathy.

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