Waste Management Infrastructure for the World

At Goterra, we believe climate change is the crisis of our time. We exist to help solve it.

We’re reimagining a future where nature and automation work in tandem to solve complex problems like reducing food waste and securing our food supply chain. We’re creating that future today, with modular, autonomous insect farms converting food waste into sustainable protein and fertiliser.

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  • We believe in our mission

    We believe what we do matters and we're working hard to achieve our mission. Our belief helps us overcome challenges and setbacks.

  • We are learning

    Our work is a learning journey. We're curious and creative. We don't always have the answers. We use failures to grow and innovate.

  • We are in this boat together

    We paddle as a team and pull in the same direction to get the job done. Every crew member helps us reach our destination.

  • We take ownership

    We own our success and deliver to a high standard. Because we know what we all do really matters.

  • We do the maggot math

    We look for connections in a system, between biology (maggot) and technology (math). It's how we solve wicked problems.

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