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Healthengine is on a mission to transform humanity's health, one care experience at a time.

As Australia’s largest online consumer healthcare platform, Healthengine helps people navigate the complex world of healthcare.

The Healthengine platform brings together a leading range of healthcare practices, healthcare specialties and health ecosystem partners in a suite of integrated offerings to help people get a better experience across each step of their healthcare journey.

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Series C

Working with us


  • Build Trust

    We build trust through showing care, competency and consistency. Our reputation depends on having other's best interests at heart, not just team members but customers and users too. We are awesome at what we do and follow through on our commitments.

  • Create Value

    We create value through thoughtful, well executed innovation. Our ability to transform humanity's health relies on our ability to look for valuable problems to solve and bring a fresh way of thinking. We start small, learn fast and make great things happen.

  • Seek Growth

    We use a growth mindset to continually and authentically learn and improve. We have tremendous self and social awareness, are curious and willing to be better. We dream big but acknowledge our gaps as we strive towards them.

  • Provide Outstanding Experience

    We always seek to provide an outstanding experience. We continuously look for ways to make things better, exceed expectations and create great experiences for each other, patients, providers and the broader healthcare community.

  • Take Responsibility

    We win by taking responsibility for delivering impactful, ambitious outcomes. We don't wait for things to happen; we are proactive and take accountability. We focus on what we can control and let go of what we cannot and handle our failures and successes with graciousness.

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