The leading customer data platform for retailers

Proudly headquartered in Australia and serving clients from around the world, Lexer’s end-to-end retail CDP drives profit, saves time, and improves experiences for both companies and consumers—because seamless, genuine shopping experiences are the experiences we all deserve.

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  • The brightest crayon in the box.

    Bring a bold, focused, curious, and rested mind to every moment. Be a fantastic individual in an incredible team.

  • The friend others depend on.

    Always commit to the mission, deliver on your promises, and work hard for the best outcome.

  • Actions speak louder than words.

    Be proactive and engaged with the goings-on of the whole business; always adding value where you can, and support where you can’t.

  • Own the day.

    Every decision you make has the chance to cost or save our clients, our reputation, and our growth. React, respond, and balance the long and short term value of your actions.

  • Lover, not a fighter.

    Bring heart and care to our clients, your team, your craft, and yourself.

  • A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

    The daily grind can be exhausting, so have a laugh, grab the mic, love your quirks, take a joke, and bring a little crazy.

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