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Marketplacer is a SaaS platforms that enables organisations to create their own online marketplace at scale.

Powered by Marketplacer and its robust seller community, retailers and brands unlock growth by seamlessly linking sellers to their ecommerce platforms, expanding product ranges and categories effortlessly, all without the burden of inventory ownership or physical product delivery.

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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Marketplacer

To bring growth to every ecommerce business on the planet.

Why Marketplacer is a great place to work

Marketplacer will further expand into the US and EMEA markets, prioritizing the growth of our seller community to expedite onboarding and product ingestion.

On the product front, we will refine our API-first strategy tailored for MACH-aligned operators—a best-of-breed approach enabling seamless integration with existing technology investments. This signifies a shift away from the 'one vendor for everything' model towards creating exceptional experiences, illustrated by our advancements in payouts and retail advertising systems.

The market opportunity ahead for Marketplacer

We centre our attention on the following core values, actively encouraging our employees to embody them by integrating them into our daily work and decision-making:

Be Your Best: Striving for personal and professional excellence, continuously improving and pushing boundaries. Be Bold: Valuing innovation, embracing challenges, and daring to explore new frontiers. Make It Happen: Taking proactive steps to transform ideas into tangible results, fostering a culture of action. Make It Easy: Simplifying complexities, focusing on user-friendly solutions that enhance experiences. Grow Together: Nurturing collaboration, shared learning, and mutual growth among our team.

We uphold a remote-first approach, advocating for flexible working arrangements that respect the diverse needs of our workforce.

Working with us


  • Be Your Best

    Be authentic Be a good human Be balanced Be curious and grow

  • Be Bold

    Fail fast Always innovate We solve problems others can’t Ask for forgiveness, not permission

  • Make It Happen

    Get shit done Do your best work Measure twice, cut once Execute with pace

  • Grow Together

    Together we win Be invested in your community We have your back

  • Make It Easy

    Our products are intuitive We are easy to work with We remove blockers

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