Multimodal vector search.

Marqo is an end-to-end, multimodal vector search engine.

With Marqo, users can easily implement AI-powered search, leveraging the latest machine learning models. With offices in Melbourne, London, and San-Francisco Marqo brings together a global team of experts across AI and machine learning, search analytics and engineering, to develop the next generation of search.

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Artificial Intelligence

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Snapshot of Marqo

Our mission is to democratise AI-powered search. We want anyone to be able to leverage the latest machine learning models, even if they're not an expert in this field.

The market opportunity ahead for Marqo

In the next 12 months we are looking to accelerate our growth through global expansion and keep strengthening product development to bring faster and more relevant search capabilities into the hands of developers.

Why Marqo is a great place to work

We are a small but powerful team led by world-class experts in cloud computing and AI. Marqo's culture is all about being curious, having a passion for learning new things, and really valuing a mix of different ideas and people. We have superstar software engineers and AI specialists from 14 different countries speaking over 10 difference languages!

Working with us


  • From first principles

    We solve problems by working back from first principles.

  • Customer obsession

    Customers of Marqo are the center of Marqo. We go above and beyond to ensure their current and future needs are met.

  • Ownership

    We value taking ownership. Marqoians never say “it’s not my job”.

  • Bias for action

    Moving fast with conviction is critical to our momentum. Two-way door decisions should not delay anyone and one-way door decisions should be made as efficiently as possible.

  • Quality

    Marqo has high standards across the company, from code to content as well as from hiring to helping the community.

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