Mentoring programs for data-driven people heroes

We are a team of mentoring advocates and experts. A team of individuals who have witnessed and experienced the impact of great mentoring, and who want to make this impact available to more people through a combination of technology and mentoring best practice. We are committed to bringing humanity back into organisations and human relationships.

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  • Greater than the Sum of our Parts

    Together, we're better. We fulfil our obligations to each other. We take aim at a goal, and work together to achieve it. We mentor, we have mentors, we mentor one another and we punch above our weight!

  • Masters of our Own Destiny

    We are all mentoring experts and have a vision to redefine mentoring. If we see a problem, we have the power to change it. We focus on the process, rather than fixating on the outcome and know we're lucky to be here, and so we appreciate, feel, and express our gratitude.

  • Balls to the Wall

    We're not afraid to experiment and we push the limits. Always pushing forward, we take a position and back ourselves (and each other). An in our eyes, failure is an inseparable part of learning.

  • Done, Then Fun

    Our customers and their mentors and mentees come first. When it comes to our team, we all 'sweep the sheds', laugh at ourselves together and celebrate our wins together.

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