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Reinventing Wi-Fi for the IoT

We serve Commercial, Residential and Industrial IoT markets, in applications such as access control, security cameras, industrial automation, retail and mobile devices. Our turn-key solution enables a whole new range of smart devices to connect wirelessly.

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  • Our CUSTOMERS’ success is our #1 priority

    Our success is our customers’ success. We consider our customers needs from product conception through to delivery. We do everything in our power to keep our customers thrilled to work with us.

  • Delivering revolutionary, yet simple to use PRODUCTS

    While our team thrives working with complex technology, we understand that the magic is best kept behind closed doors! We deliver simple to use products to our customers such that they can ‘plug and play’ with our turnkey solutions.

  • The secret to our success is our TEAM

    Our diverse and global team is what separates us from our competitors. We utilise the unique skills, experiences and backgrounds of each of our employees to reach our goals and beyond.

  • Results-oriented, accountability and constant Improvement DRIVE everything we do

    We understand there is a balance between perfectionism and pragmatism. We are outcome focussed while always investigating how to do things better along the way.

  • Celebrating our SUCCESS along the way

    As we scale we hold true to our ‘start-up mentality’; we want to work in an environment where we enjoy coming to work each day. We prioritise always making time to celebrate our wins – big and small!

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