Eliminate missed diagnoses in the world

We’re on a mission to eliminate missed diagnoses in the world and that starts with training the world’s best clinicians We’re changing the way students learn clinical reasoning with innovative tools like our AI virtual patients. Every student that uses Oscer is helping us build our medical knowledge graph that will help patients around the world.

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  • We Deliver Fast

    Achieving our mission will include hundreds of incremental ideas, designs, demos, lines of code. The faster we deliver, the more our product takes the shape of what our customers want.

  • We Pursue the Truth

    A relentless pursuit to objectively guide our decision making. We face the brutal facts early and chart our course, no spin, just the truth.

  • We Design for Joy

    When we make decisions in our products we overweight user joy. We create products that are so damn delightful that people want to use them strictly because of their design.

  • We Back Ourselves

    We only hire people that can become world class in their role, we'll give you what you need to succeed and the freedom to execute. Own your domain and back yourself.

  • We're Warm and Open

    In our teams, with our students, doctors and patients we are warm, caring and transparent, approaching every situation with optimism and positivity.

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