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Plexure was founded in 2010 and has grown to power mobile engagement for 323 million users in 66 countries and 40 languages. At our core, Plexure is a customer engagement solution for consumer brands. Our data-driven approach helps brands customize and elevate their customer experience.

As a key strategic technology partner of McDonald’s, Plexure engages at multiple levels across the McDonald’s business and its other digital partners.

The daily engagement encompasses consulting, data science, and analytics, facilitating strategic engagement at a regional and senior executive level within McDonald’s.

Plexure is a division of TASK Group which develops and deploys cloud-based transactional management and mobile customer engagement solutions primarily for the hospitality sector.

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Snapshot of Plexure

To personalise and power consumer transactions around the world.

The market opportunity ahead for Plexure

As a group, we are focusing on R&D and tactical inorganic investments into high-value, mid-term areas of growth - including payments, capacity management, white-label apps, and personalisation​.

Why Plexure is a great place to work

We offer the career guidance and care of a growing, established company coupled with the diversity, challenge, and innovation excitement of a start-up.

We are big on promoting internally and developing our people. Our culture is based on collaboration, passion, and creating an outstanding experience for our customers and our people.

Come join the Plexure team and look forward to achieving great things together!

Working with us


  • Stronger Together

    The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. At TASK Group, we prioritize collaboration and healthy debate, bringing out the best in one another to operate as a truly democratic team. Moving forward together means that every person across our business is heard, is open to sharing knowledge, and contributes a vital part to our TASK Group vision and strength.

  • Be Authentic

    Bringing authenticity to your working environment is about more than just being yourself. It’s also about embracing discomfort and holding true to your beliefs and ideas. We know that our team is exceptional because our people are exceptional. We encourage our people to always assume positive intent and to maintain their integrity alongside a curiosity to learn and grow.

  • Respect For All

    At TASK Group, there is unity in our diversity. Our acknowledged and respected differences are what help us thrive – which is why we value different opinions across the team. We treat one another as humans first, and business minds second. Our workplace defined by respect, empathy, and an endlessly expanding perspective.

  • Better Each Day

    Have I learned something new? How can our team improve? What should our company prioritize right now? These are the questions we ask every single day. When every person is moving forward one step each day, we will have all taken a huge leap by the end of the year. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and opportunities to focus our energy more effectively.

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