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Practifi is the performance optimization platform that transforms data into insights, action and excellence at scale.

We help wealth management firms go beyond traditional CRMs and redefine what’s possible.

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Series B

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  • Innovation

    We live and breathe innovation. We operate at the leading edge of technology, applying fresh and creative thinking to everything we do.

  • Inspiration

    We demand a work and life experience far beyond the ordinary. We seek inspiration within and we aim to inspire every individual we encounter.

  • Independence

    We respect that each individual has a point of view that we want to amplify and we welcome constructive feedback. We don’t operate with a group-think mentality.

  • Inclusion

    We understand the value of diversity: of culture, experience, and opinion. Our team and our best work combines perspectives from all walks of life.

  • Investment

    We invest in our people, our business, and our community because we’re all a part of something bigger than simply making money.

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