Make quantum technology useful

Q-CTRL is using control to solve the hardest problems facing quantum technology, improving hardware performance and accelerating pathways to useful quantum computers and other technologies. Through our professionally developed tools, we put our deep expertise in quantum control into your hands.

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  • Be Real

    We build things with real impact and solve real problems. We embrace difficult challenges.

  • Be Trusted

    We benefit from a network of trusted relationships and we contribute to that network. We leverage our technical skills to create new products and opportunities in a way our customers, partners and investors trust. We aspire to always be the preferred supplier for products and solutions in our space.

  • Be Just

    We never sacrifice our integrity, take advantage of or mislead others, or fail to fulfil our obligations. We empower all of our staff to succeed based on the quality of their ideas, create an embracing and safe work environment, and aim to recruit the best talent. We never lie—especially about our capabilities, products, customer fit, or technology.

  • Be revered

    We earn acclaim by building solutions that are clever, well constructed, and absolutely beautiful. We remember that the details matter and aspire to perfection, even while we recognize perfection is not attainable. We create products, an ethos, and an environment where outsiders aspire to work here.

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